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EUREKA Active Care Powder

Powder detergent for all types of clothes.
Perfect results even at 30ºC.

New EUREKA Active Care formula offers perfect cleaning resutls, even at the lowest temperatures. It effectively removes the toughest stains, while leaving your clothes feeling freshly scented and clean.

Available in 2 fragrances:
• Classic - Packaging: box 1kg, 4kg & eco-bag 6kg
• Wild Rose - Packaging: box 4kg

EUREKA Massalias Powder

Powder detergent for all types of clothes with pure marseille soap. For naturally clean results.

EUREKA Massalias unique formula, contains pure marseille soap, known for its natural and powerful cleaning qualities. It cleans your clothes naturally and effectively, even at low temperatures, either by machine or hand wash. It is tough on dirt, eliminates difficult stains, leaving your clothes with a long-lasting and unique sense of freshness and cleanliness. It dissolves easily and leaves no traces of detergent on the clothes.

Packaging: box 2,5kg / 38 washes


EUREKA Massalias Liquid

Liquid detergent with pure marseille soap.
Naturally strong even witht the toughest stains.

The new formula of EUREKA Massalias enhanced with new generation enzymes offers impeccable cleaning results over a wide range of stains such us persistent greasy stains, ink, blood, baby food and many others, acting even at low temperatures. Combining perfect cleanliness with the care and power of Marseille soap, it gives your clothes a wonderful scent and the results you always wished for.

Available in 4 fragrances:
• Classic - Packaging: 1,8L & 2,7L
• Ylang Ylang & Lavender - Packaging: 1,8L & 2,7L
• Mastic Oil & Jasmine - Packaging: 2,7L
• Flower Garden: Packaging: 2,7L


EUREKA Massalias Baby

Liquid detergent for baby clothes.
With organic extract of chamomile.

EUREKA Massalias Baby is a liquid detergent especially designed for baby clothes but is also suitable for the clothes of the whole family. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, ensures gentle care of laundry thanks to the Organic chamomile extract. While at the same time effectively cleans and removes tough stains.

Packaging: 2,7L

EUREKA Massalias Black

Liquid fabric detergent with pure Marseille soap, especially for black and dark color clothes.

Prevents color transfer. Protects Black and Dark clothes.

EUREKA Massalias Black liquid detergent with Stain Lift Power, combines the natural cleaning attributes of Marseilles soap with the Dye Transfer Inhibitor agent for the perfect results in your black and dark color laundry. Using EUREKA Massalias Black, your clothes will keep their vivid color and brightness, even after many washes. It is especially suitable for two-toned clothes since the "dye transfer inhibitor" prevents color transfer onto the lighter-colored parts of the fabric.

Packaging: 2,7L

ΕUREΚΑ Care Liquid Black

Liquid detergent for black and dark colored clothes.
Prevents color transfer.

Using EUREKA Care for Black & Dark colored clothes, your clothes will keep their vivid color and brightness, even after many washes. It is specially suitable for two-toned clothes since the "dye transfer inhibitor" prevents color transfer onto the lighter-colored parts of the fabric.

Packaging: 3L


EUREKA Express Powder

Powder detergent for hand wash.
Quickly, Easily, No Rubbing.

The unique powerful EUREKA Express formula, effectively removes all difficult stains with minimum rubbing. It dissolves easily in cold water and gives a rich foam. The enclosed enzymes go after specific organic stains, such as egg, milk, chocolate, grass, blood, etc. provoking their degradation and hence removal. With the anti-kalk system, it controls the hardness ions for full detergent efficiency. This results in a faster and easier removal of stains. It rinses off easily, leaving fabrics with a distinct lasting fragrance and a feeling of freshness.

Packaging: 800g


EUREKA Express Liquid

Liquid detergent for hand wash.

Quickly & Easily, almost Without Rubbing.

Eureka Express liquid detergent for hand washing, with aloe vera extract. Thanks to its advanced formula, it cleans thoroughly without damaging the clothes, since hardly needs any grating, while thanks to the dye transfer inhibitor prevents color transfer from one fabric to another during the wash. Alongside the aloe vera extract protects and cares for your hands.

Packaging: 1L

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