Wash Additives

EUREKA Classic

Whitening Powder.
Your white garments will... revive with every wash!

EUREKA Classic for more than 55 years has become synonymous to "whiteness", is now renewed and improved to guarantee perfectly clean and gleaming white clothes, even for clothes with the toughest dirt. New generation EUREKA Classic, now with an even more enhanced formula with powerful cleaning ingredients, combined with unique whitening agents and active oxygen, perfectly removes even the toughest greasy stains, offering the cleanest and brightest results for your clothes, even at the lowest temperatures (from 30ºC). New generation EUREKA Classic, and watch your white garments... revive with every wash!

Packaging: sachet 60g, 120g, 240g, box 500g & 1kg

EUREKA Classic Liquid

Whitening Liquid.
For bright white and soft clothes.

EUREKA Classic liquid is a new generation whitening liquid, specially formulated for cleaning all white garments. It effectively removes stains offering brightest whites, even at the lowest temperatures (from 30ºC). Due to its specialized formula, it does not destroy fabrics' fibres, making it safe to use on sensitive garments (wool, silk, baby clothes etc.). It does not contain chloride. It can be used as an additive for machine washing, or for treating the stain before washing. Use regularly and enjoy your soft, bright white clothes looking like new! Available in an easy to use bottle with dosage-cap and a "snout" for local applications.

Packaging: 1L


Stain removal powder with active oxygen.
Clothes without stains, with bright shining colors!

EUREKA Bright is the wash additive created to provide a solution to the cleanliness of colored clothes. Thanks to its renewed composition, it enhanses the action of your detergent from the very first wash, effectively removes the toughtest stains such as oil, food sauce, chocolate or wine, while caring for your clothes’ color. It ensures your clothes will always look «alive» and shining bright like new!

Packaging: sachet 60g & box 500g

EUREKA Bright Energy Gel

Stain removal gel with active oxygen.
For tough stains from 30ºC, for all clothes.

The liquid strength against stains, with active oxygen, it penetrates deeply and removes stains, dissolving the toughest grease even at the lowest temperatures! It is the perfect solution for either machine wash or hand wash, it safely cleans the most delicate colors – no matter how soiled the clothes may be. Suitable for whites and colours, safe to use on sensitive garments (wool, silk, baby clothes etc.). It can be used for machine washing or handwashing together with your detergent as a wash additive, or applied directly on the stain. 

Packaging: 1L


EUREKA Bright Pre-Wash Spray

Stain removal spray with active oxygen.
Targets stains directly, even before the wash begins!

EUREKA Bright Pre-Wash Spray, with an ergonomic handle and excellent spray, it directly aims stains and eliminates them in just one move, even before washing begins. Its special composition ensures that tough or dried out stains are dissolved easily and quickly. Effective yet «gentle» it is suitable for even the most delicate fabrics.

Packaging: 450ml

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