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EUREKA Massalias Secrets

Fabric Softener.
Fragrance and Care.

Get to know the secrets of the new fabric softener Eureka Massalias Secrets. Feel the revitalization offered by their unique fragrances. Enjoy easier ironing since Eureka Massalias Secrets has the ability to untangle and protect the clothes’ fibers. Use Eureka Massalias Secrets with your usual detergent or even for better results with the same Eureka Massalias Liquid detergent.

Available in 5 fragrances:
• Classic Pure
• Ylang Ylang & Lavender
• Flower Garden
• Mastic Oil & Jasmine
• Morning Fresh

Packaging: 2L

EUREKA Massalias Secrets Black

Fabric Softener for black and dark clothes.
Fragrance and Care.

Fabric softener Eureka Massalias secrets black is specialized for black and dark colored clothes with Dye Fixative that locks clothes’ colors. Cares and protects Black and Dark clothes in every wash. Prevents the discoloration of your clothes during laundering, maintaining black and dark colors vivid and bright. Use Eureka Massalias Secrets Black with your usual detergent or for even better results with Eureka Massalias Black Liquid detergent.

Available in 2 fragrances:
Black Rose

Packaging: 2L

EUREKA Massalias Secrets White

Fabric Softener for White Clothes.
With Optical Brightener.

EUREKA Massalias Secrets for whites contains Optical Brightener so that white fabrics seem even whiter in every wash. It brightens and restores white color so clothes appear whiter. It leaves clothes surprisingly soft, with a wonderful long lasting aroma. It is also enriched with easy ironing and anti-wrinkle agent, leaving the clothes with much less wrinkles.

Packaging: 2L

EUREKA Massalias Secrets Baby

Fabric Softener for baby clothes.
With organic extract of chamomile.


EUREKA Massalias Secrets baby is a fabric softener especially designed for baby clothes but is also suitable for the clothes of the whole family. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, ensures gentle care of laundry thanks to the Organic chamomile extract. It leaves the clothes soft, with a wonderful aroma.

Packaging: 1,5L

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