Dishwashing Liquids

ΕΥΡΗΚΑ Regular

Dishwashing liquid.
For sparkling clean dishes.

EUREKA Regular is a value for mondey dishwashing liquid, with the known EUREKA guarantee for quality. Its price does not affect its effectiveness because it is concentrated, giving rich foam, while its fresh lemon fragrance eliminates unpleasant odours. Its main advantage is that  stubborn grease stains are dissolved leaving dishes sparkling clean, all at an economic price!

Packaging: 500ml & 750ml

EUREKA Massalias

Dishwashing liquid with Ppro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera.
Tough on grease, yet gentle on your hands.

EUREKA Massalias, thanks to its enriched formula with pro-vitamin B5 and natural Aloe Vera extract, leaves your hands soft without irritating or making them dry. It dissolves tough grease, and eliminates persistent odours. With a pleasant, discreet fragrance of natural lemon extract. 

Packaging: 500ml


Dishwashing liquid for baby’s utensils.

EUREKA Baby is a specially designed dishwashing liquid for all your baby’s utensils. It combines gentleness and purity with effectiveness thanks to the green soap it contains and the extract of organic chamomile and lemon. Trust it! and trust Eureka expertise for wash and care.

Packaging: 500ml

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