Philosophy & Goals

Our philosophy and values are focused on people and the enhancement of their quality of life.

With its backbone the ‘Beliefs’ of the company, a set of principles and values, written in 1967 by the creator Xanthos Sarris, and with a people-centered philosophy which extends to all our partners, within and outside of the Group, we build the present and the future of the company. (Download «Beliefs»)

Focusing on the human aspect of the consumer and not in a "dry" commercial relationship, our primary objective is the continuous satisfaction of our consumer, by ensuring that our quality products simplify and facilitate their everyday life.

Through research, expertise and constant care  we ensure that each product carrying the Eureka signature, offers unique advantages.

The trust of our consumers is the result of an open, honest relationship from the company towards them, and in the certainty that they are selecting quality products which respect their income.

The Eureka Group ensures it has a dynamic presence in the social field with continuous acts of social responsibility yielding significant results in multiple areas. We ensure that each of our development objectives is linked with a responsibility toward our people, our consumers and the evolution of the modern lifestyle.

Consumer loyalty will always be the strongest incentive for the evolution of the Eureka Group, proving that even in the age of speed, respect for people remains our greatest value.