Our Employees

For those working at Eureka Group, the most considerable reward is their being part of a business that highlights human values. In Eureka Group, we consider our employees the most important factor of our growth, the driving force of our business and the determining factor of our success.

Embracing this philosophy, the Group applies policies and programmes that aim to cultivate a climate of continuous reward of the employees’ efforts and to shape a single working culture across the Group.

More precisely:

  • We offer each member the opportunity to develop and progress within the company
  • We care for the systematic upgrading of the staff’s knowledge and skills, by applying progressive education and training programmes
  • We encourage open communication, teamwork and mutual cooperation
  • We support the initiatives and foster creativity and innovation
  • We aim for a pleasant, safe and quality environment, which respects and supports the employee

Human Resource Statistics
Today, the Group employs 432 workers, from which 154 work in Greece, 72 in Cyprus and 206 in Romania.

Human Resource Working Experience
The employees feel part of a large “family” business that supports their work with all possible means, rewards their efforts and recognizes their contribution towards success. Therefore, it is not surprising the fact that the human resource’s average working experience is around 14 years.

Employees’ Average Age
The average age of our employees is around 40 years. This shows the youthful and dynamic nature of the Group and the company's tangible confidence in young people.