Licensing & Distributions

Strategic Partnerships

An essential part of Eureka Group’s success is due to the wide range of products available in the market, satisfying much of the modern households’ needs. Apart from the goods produced at plants in Greece (Volos) and Romania (Bucharest), Eureka Group also provides Greece, Cyprus and Romania with other products resulting from partnerships with large foreign companies.

The first strategic cooperation of the EUREKA Group started in 1994, in cooperation with the Dow Chemicals Αmerican industrial firm, with the aim to produce AROXOL Mec insecticide against crawling insects, in a trigger format, being one of the most innovative products in the category of insecticides/insect repellents.

In 1997 we started cooperating with Compo French company, by launching the well-known ALGOFLASH plant home care products, being the first ones to introduce and establish this product range in supermarkets.

Services provided to third parties

Eureka Group is also active in other areas, such as providing integrated services to other production companies, with the date of its first collaboration being in 2000. The services provided to our collaborators, cover the fields of order taking, physical distribution, warehousing, merchandising, debt collectionas well as all stages of product marketing, from ordering to the development of strategic marketing. By providing the above-mentioned services Eureka Group actively supports its partners by effectively contributing to their own brands development.

Eureka Group’s guaranteed service is also the well-organized storage and distribution system. It should be stressed that Eureka Group, through its representatives serves 570 major customers through 3000 branches as well as 2500 other customers through special partners in Greece. Moreover, Eureka Ltd serves 260 major customers and 200 other customers through special partners, all over Cyprus.

The aim of Eureka Group is to develop new partnerships and to provide services to other companies for promoting their products to a wide clientele.